In a world were the arts and the artists have forever been laying layers of legacy to the humanity, pure creation is some what of a desirous endeavor. In these times movies have probably grown themselves out in providing entertainment and also making us question ourselves and the surroundings that we live in.

That’s where we come in. Cinebees. We are one of the leading VFX companies in India creating digital imagery for feature films. The silver-lining that we mean to achieve in the movie making process has made us more socially relevant. And that’s why we ideated CinebeesTinyWood. It is an idea we conceived after we understood the nature of movie making business.

Often times, Silver screen is a dream. That dream is commonly shared by professionals Producers, Directors, Actors and other technicians. But the first step to that ladder is occupied by amateurs. CinebeesTinywood is a short-film contest that was ideated by us to encourage and recognize what’s happening at that first step. It is a platform that enables aspiring film-makers to make short-films. It is a platform that will make their work known to the common public and the movie industry.

With that note, we welcome all aspiring film-makers to register with CinebeesTinyWood International short-film contest and make the best use of their talent and our platform. We are more than just happy to have created this platform for amateurs, as we know that with out them no industry can expect some breath of fresh air.